Benefits Of Buying Pre-Made, Frozen Custard Mix

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Benefits Of Buying Pre-Made, Frozen Custard Mix

14 March 2022
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If you run an ice cream store and serve custard, you may be considering your options when it comes to frozen custard production. There are really two options here. You can make your own custard from scratch, or you can order frozen custard mix and prepare your custard from that mix. Some shops do find that they prefer making custard from scratch. However, using frozen custard mix comes with a few key advantages that are hard to overlook.

You get consistent results.

When you make custard completely from scratch, there is, unfortunately, a lot of room for error. Mis-measure one ingredient or follow one step incorrectly, and your custard will turn out different. Your customers are likely to notice that your custard is not the same every time. When you instead rely on a frozen custard mix, you get the same results every time. Your customers will appreciate knowing what to expect when they order.

You can have employees prepare it more easily.

Making custard from scratch is quite a process. You may have an employee or two who you can train to do it, but this takes time. With a frozen custard mix, however, preparing the custard will be much simpler. Most employees will be able to do it, which makes scheduling a lot easier and reduces training time.

You don't have to store as many ingredients.

If you have limited storage space, as many ice cream shops do, storing all of the ingredients to make custard from scratch may be a hassle. And if you accidentally run out of even one of them, you will have a hard time making the custard! With frozen custard mix, all you really need is the mix. This simplifies your storage routine and requires less storage space.

You'll save money.

Usually, buying pre-made, frozen custard mix costs less than buying all of the ingredients to make custard from scratch. Plus, you don't have to pay for as much labor in terms of preparing the custard. This allows you to charge a little less for your custard, which will help bring more customers in. Or, you can charge the going rate and produce a little more profit from the frozen mix.

Frozen custard mixes are not for every shop, but they do work well for a lot of ice cream shops. Consider the benefits above as you decide whether these mixes are a good choice for your business. Contact a frozen custard mix supplier for more information.