For Lasting Fuel And Sustenance, Opt For Chicken

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For Lasting Fuel And Sustenance, Opt For Chicken

14 September 2016
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When you are looking at foods that provide a high amount of protein to fuel you and give you lasting energy, you can't go wrong with chicken. At 27-grams of protein per half-cup, chicken is an excellent source of energy particularly for anyone working out or engaging in rigorous physical activities. Buy fresh chicken breast to keep on-hand, in your freezer, for making meals, snacks, and soups that are hearty and comforting, any time of the day.

Some ways to prepare fresh chicken breasts include these suggestions:

Chicken in the slow-cooker. A great way to effortlessly cook chicken is in a slow-cooker. Stewed chicken breast is wonderful in salads, shredded in sandwiches, and tossed in soups. Try your own flavor variations to suit your own personal tastes:

  • Add a bottle of oil-based salad dressing to the slow-cooker instead of any other liquid. Italian-flavored dressings give fresh chicken a zing that is perfect for bringing a bed of salad greens to life!
  • Toss a jar of salsa into the slow-cooker with your chicken. After three or four hours, remove the chicken from the cooker and shred it. Add it back to the cooker with the sauce and serve on flour tortillas for a tasty snack or light lunch.
  • Add a cup of water to your chicken and drop in a couple chicken bouillon cubes. Cook rice separately and add to the cooker when the chicken is done. This is a light and filling soup that is perfect for a chilly fall day.  

Chicken in a hurry. Bake fresh chicken breasts off in bulk batches to have on hand all week long. Spritz a pan with cooking oil or spray and lay your chicken out in a single layer. Pound your chicken first to speed up baking time. Cook in a hot oven with plenty of salt, pepper, or your choice of spices; when cooked and cooled, cover tightly and keep in the fridge for a quick suppertime staple after a busy day.

Grilled chicken any season. Grilled chicken is juicy and delicious, and you don't have to wait until summer to enjoy this picnic dish. Fire up an indoor, electric grill for a fast meal that will remind you of warmer weather. Top grilled chicken with fresh cherry tomatoes, torn basil, and chunks of mild cheese for a fresh dish that the whole family will love!

There is a reason why trainers and healthy eaters seem to gravitate toward chicken; it is a tasty, high-protein food that can be eaten in a bevy of delicious preparations. For more ideas, see products like Sugar Valley Meats.