Boost Your Gym's Juice Bar Sales By Adding These Healthy, Natural Beverages

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Boost Your Gym's Juice Bar Sales By Adding These Healthy, Natural Beverages

5 August 2016
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If your gym's juice bar is not attracting enough customers, it might be that you are not offering healthy beverages. Prepackaged juices and bottled water might not be enough to attract people to the bar. What you should do is offer fresh, healthy beverages that will stop your clients from leaving the gym and heading to a café or local health food store. Below is a list of two beverages that you should offer. In addition to a description of the beverage, you will also learn what you need to get in order to make them.

Fresh Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is very popular with health conscious people. It's also something that many people don't have easy access to at home or in supermarkets. It's normally only found in health stores and specialty juice bars. You should have a tray of wheatgrass on display and when a client orders a "shot" of wheatgrass (wheatgrass is very potent and served in tiny shot glass style containers) you can clip the fresh wheatgrass.

You will need a special juicer for the wheatgrass. You can either get a manual style wheatgrass juicer, or an electric model. The manual style looks like an old-fashioned meat grinder. The wheatgrass is placed in the top and you crank it through and it is juiced. The electric model is great if you also plan on making vegetable and fruit juicers. You should choose an auger model (as opposed to a centrifugal juicer). Auger juicers, which are also called masticating juicing machines, squeeze the wheatgrass and are better at handling the tough grass fibers than centrifugal models that use blades to cut the grass, instead of squeeze it.

Cocoa Bean And Berry Smoothies

Some people prefer to have a berry smoothie as opposed to wheatgrass. In order to make smoothies you will need to have a blender. It makes sense to get a small blender that makes only a single serving. This serves two purposes. First, it allows you to save counterspace. Secondly, it is easy to clean after each use.

In addition to having fresh berries on hand, you should also get cocoa beans. You might also want to offer raw cacao beans, such as from The cocoa beans are roasted, and will give the berry smoothie a nice, chocolate flavor, but some people want a completely raw experience and would like the option of having raw cacao beans. Like the wheatgrass, you should display the cacao and cocoa beans. A large glass container, like you might seen in an old time soda shop or pharmacy, is a great way to display the beans. You can have a silver scoop in the container and use it to take out the beans when you need them.