3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Restaurant Bar Stools

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3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Restaurant Bar Stools

15 February 2016
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One of the most important pieces of restaurant bar equipment is the bar stool. If you are planning to open a new bar or restaurant or if you are planning to remodel your current establishment, you may be considering the purchase of new bar stools. Here are a few things to consider as you make your purchase:

What style is your decor?

The bar stools that you select should fit with the theme of your restaurant. For instance, if your establishment has a Western theme, then the bar stools should complement the other Western decor. Modern, chic stools would not be fitting in that environment. Here are a few types of bar stools that are available:

Industrial Stools

Industrial bar stools usually have modern, clean lines. In addition, the stools are usually made of metal, paired with a pale or distressed wood finish.

Western or Farm Designs

Most Western-type designs use medium finishes combined with soft leathers. The result is a stool that invokes a feeling of warmth and nature.

Tavern Stools

If your restaurant has more of a dark tavern feel, stools that have a classic design with dark rich tones will usually work well.

How much space is available?

As a restaurant or bar owner, you will want to maximize the space in your establishment. It is best to select stools that will allow customers to sit comfortably while still maximizing the number of patrons that can be served at the bar. Still, keep in mind that the more comfortable your patrons are, the more likely they are to remain at the bar for a longer period. In addition, customers are more apt to come back to a place where they feel comfortable during their stay.

As you are selecting a bar stool design, be sure to have the dimensions of your bar area along with those of the rest of your establishment available. If the bar area is adjacent to a dance floor, consider how much space the stools will consume during bouts of dancing.

Also, the height of the stool is important. If a bar stool is too tall for a person of average height to easily mount, look for a shorter seat. In addition, keep in mind the height of the bar itself. Your patrons will need enough room to sit comfortably without having the top of their thighs pressed against the bottom of your bar.


It's also important to select stools that have quality construction. You are not likely to repurchase a new set of bar stools during the same year. Thus, it is best to consider the weight capacity of the stools and the gauge of the metal. A lower gauge number indicates a greater amount of strength.

If you are interested in purchasing restaurant bar stools, contact a restaurant bar equipment store in your area.