How To Bring More Business To Your Natural Foods Store

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How To Bring More Business To Your Natural Foods Store

6 October 2022
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Running a natural foods store is not always easy. This is a bit of a niche sector, and doing good business generally requires solid marketing and a good customer base. If your store isn't drawing the revenue you'd like lately, then it's time to focus on expanding your client base and attracting more customers. Here are some ways to go about that.

Offer items that can't be found at a standard grocery store.

Many of the items you sell can likely be found at standard grocery stores in the area, too. Sure, your products may be of higher quality, but if people are already headed to the grocery store for other items, they may just buy everything there instead of making a second stop. A good way to get these customers into your store is by offering something the standard grocery stores do not. That might be CBD products, medicinal teas, a specific type of apple from a local farm, or even a unique brand of multivitamins. Browse the grocery stores in your area, see what's missing, and find out if you can fill that need.

Host classes. 

Hosting classes is a good way to get people into your store for the first time. At the class, you can hand out a 10-percent-off coupon, encouraging attendees to come back and make a purchase. This works best if the classes are related to food and health. For instance, you could have a mushroom farmer teach a class on different varieties of mushrooms and how to cook with them. Or, you could have a dietician come teach a class on vegetarian diets and meeting protein needs without meat. Consider offering a different class each week to appeal to broader audiences.

Sponsor Local Races

Most towns and cities have at least a few 5k races throughout the year. Contact the race directors in charge of these events, and ask to be a sponsor. Often, this means the name of your store, and perhaps your logo, will be printed on the shirts, numbers, and signs associated with the race. Many runners are passionate about health food and will be interested in visiting your store once they learn about it. So, this is a good way to gain a larger client base quickly.

With the ideas above, you can bring more people into your natural foods market and hopefully convert them into loyal customers. Good luck!